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ME – Computer Engineering (Software Engineering)

(Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering)



2 Years



Total Intake

Eligibility Criteria

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The Master of Engineering (ME) in Computer Science is a postgraduate program aimed at providing advanced knowledge and skills in computer science and engineering. It focuses on the theoretical foundations and practical applications of computing, from software development to systems integration and innovation in computing technologies.

Programme Objectives

Programme Outcome


The ME Computer Science program employs a rigorous and dynamic pedagogy, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application through a curriculum that includes lectures, seminars, laboratory work, and research projects. The program emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving, encouraging students to tackle complex computing challenges through innovative approaches. Collaborative projects and research opportunities allow students to explore new technologies and methodologies, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to the fast-paced technological landscape.

Programme Educational Objectives


  1. Advanced understanding of computer science principles and methodologies.
  2. Hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies and software development tools.
  3. Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Exposure to research in computing, offering insights into emerging technologies.

Value Proposition

Prepares graduates for high-level positions in the tech industry, academia, and research.

Equips students with a deep knowledge base and skill set for innovation in computer science.

Enhances career prospects in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive field.

Opens opportunities for entrepreneurship and leadership roles in technology ventures.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the ME Computer Science program can pursue a wide range of career paths, including:

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