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About KIRC

KIRC is a distinguished institution in India, celebrated for its commitment to superior higher education over an impressive span of years. This revered academic institution has cultivated a vast network of over 10,000 professionals worldwide, testament to its excellence in education and impactful alumni. Offering a diverse array of more than undergraduate and postgraduate programs, KIRC is dedicated to blending rigorous academic theory with practical, hands-on experiences. The educational philosophy at KIRC centers around experiential learning, ensuring that students are well-equipped to apply their knowledge in practical settings. This holistic approach is supported by comprehensive internships and mentorship opportunities, providing a rich foundation for both personal and professional development.

Set on a vast 65acre campus, KIRC boasts an array of industrysponsored laboratories, positioning it at the forefront of innovative research and academic distinction. KIRC flourishes in a unique educational atmosphere that fosters interdisciplinary studies, actively creating a space where the quest for knowledge and the drive for impactful discoveries are of paramount importance. This commitment to a holistic and collaborative research environment ensures KIRC not only contributes to the academic community but also addresses global challenges with significant solutions.

Our Credo

प्रज्वलित पथाः
“Illuminating Paths”
Lighting the way to a brighter future by fostering a culture of sustainability, inclusiveness, and continuous advancement in education and innovation.

Our Vision

KIRC envisions ‘Illuminating Paths’ as our guiding light, driving progress through sustainable, inclusive education and continuous innovation. Our vision is to empower learners to light up their futures, creating a world where education and creative thinking lead to meaningful impact.

Our Mission

Forge an educational journey that not only imparts deep disciplinary knowledge to our students but also hones their problem solving capabilities, leadership qualities, communication and interpersonal skills, alongside fostering their personal health and wellbeing.

Develop a vibrant education ecosystem dedicated to:

Make a meaningful and lasting impact on society—locally, nationally, and internationally—by collaborating with partners beyond the conventional confines of our campus, thus extending our educational influence and innovation into the broader community.

Our Values

We work hard and aim for excellence in everything we do.
We focus on solving big problems in our community and the world.
We want to make life better for people and support each other’s growth.
We’re open to new ideas, love to learn, and are not afraid to try new things.
We are honest, transparent, and responsible in what we say and do.
We care about the environment and plan carefully to use resources wisely.
We believe in teamwork, sharing ideas, and creating new ways to learn and explore.
We celebrate different backgrounds and perspectives, bringing more ideas and energy.

Dr. Atul K. Patel 
Managing Director KIRC, MBBS, MS (General Surgeon)

Message from Managing Director

We are pleased to welcome you all to the fostering educational space of the KIRC campus. Here one would find insight of KIRC’s family consisting of institutions imparting education from primary education to post graduate professional degree programs. We strongly believe in the concept of an integrated campus with this idea of holistic learning approach from primary to secondary education. We believe this would play a significant role in framing the mindset of upcoming generation.

Our well developed campus, infrastructure facility, motivated faculty members and supporting staff members assure a very productive and creative learning experience at KIRC. We are confident that the combination of experienced management, faculty and staff would provide most excellent educational experience and make significant contribution towards nurturing confident young professionals. We are striving to make KIRC as one of the best education campus with our dedication, sincere efforts and hard work.

Board of Management

KIRC Management comprises of well known and diverse educationalist and professionals, along with most experienced leadership in industry, academicians and subject experts who have come together to chart, strategize and implement a roadmap that fulfils the realization of our educational goals. KIRC Management comprises of the following members: