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MD Homeopathy

(Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy)

Graduate Medical Courses


4 Years



Total Intake

Eligibility Criteria

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The Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy (MD Homeopathy) is a postgraduate program designed to produce specialists with advanced knowledge and skills in homeopathic medicine. This program delves deeper into homeopathic principles, clinical practices, and research methodologies, aiming to elevate the practice of homeopathy through scientific exploration and patient-centered care.

Programme Objectives

Programme Outcome


The MD Homeopathy program employs an integrative pedagogical approach that combines theoretical study, clinical training, and research. The curriculum is structured to facilitate deep engagement with advanced homeopathic theories, while clinical rotations offer practical experience in diagnosing and managing diverse health conditions using homeopathic principles. Research projects and dissertations are integral components, encouraging students to contribute to the body of homeopathic knowledge through rigorous scientific inquiry. This comprehensive educational model is designed to produce well-rounded homeopathic practitioners and researchers, capable of critical thinking, innovative practice, and professional excellence.

Programme Educational Objectives


  1. Advanced specialization in homeopathic medicine and therapeutics.
  2. Enhanced clinical and diagnostic skills specific to homeopathy.
  3. Opportunities for in-depth research in homeopathic sciences.
  4. Increased credibility and recognition in the field of homeopathy.

Value Proposition

Prepares graduates for leadership roles in homeopathic practice and research.

Equips practitioners with a deep understanding of homeopathic philosophy and clinical application.

Fosters a critical approach to homeopathic research and evidence-based practice.

Enhances professional opportunities in healthcare, academia, and research.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the MD Homeopathy program have a wide array of career opportunities, including:

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