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About Institute

The Kalol Institute of Pharmacy specializes in delivering high-quality education in pharmaceutical sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Located in the serene setting of Kalol, the institute is well-equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and modern facilities, staffed by a blend of experienced academics and industry professionals. It is dedicated to fostering the next generation of pharmacists and healthcare innovators through a curriculum that emphasizes a deep understanding of drug development, patient care, and ethical practices. With a focus on hands-on experience and collaborative research, the Kalol Institute of Pharmacy aims to prepare its students to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry successfully and contribute positively to global health initiatives.

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome on the website of our Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol.

I am sure that you will be happy to see the infrastructure we have provided as you browse through various departments. Considering the fact that the Pharmacy profession is growing leaps and bounds overcoming all the initial speculations of worst phase for Pharmaceutical Industry after implementation of TRIPS regulations post GATT era.

However we can see that the Indian Pharma Industry not only survived but achieved new heights. This invited attraction of multinational giants to open their subsidiaries in India. New areas like clinical trial conducting agencies, Contract Research Organizations, Auditors and R&D sectors are attracting huge foreign investment. One can notice that many financial experts are considering Pharma as one of the most growing and important business. There is and will be huge demand for the Pharmacy professionals due this growth. No doubt that Pharmacy is one of most sought after profession. However the demand will be governed by factors like the place and the way students are trained in college. The facility available will be important criteria to get better knowledge and future prospectus of students.One can rarely find a management with highly educated and motivated persons looking after the college. We can assure that our Kalol Institute of Pharmacy will strive to produce best quality professionals by providing maximum facilities and interactions.

I am sure that this website can provide some idea about infrastructure we can provide to our students. I expect that this information will definitely help to know the Pharmacy Profession, its scope and about our college. We shall be happy to answer your questions.
– Dr. Shailesh Thanaji Prajapati
Principal and Professor Pharmaceutics Department, Ph.D, M.Pharm, B.Pharm

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